Golden Retriever excited to have more puppies | Latest funny dog

Bailey is confused with another new puppy

Golden Retriever excited to have more puppies

It’s interesting that the puppy already knows the human is the mother even when there is an adult dog right there. They have been conditioned to reciprocate who we are, which is sweet but also shows how much we need to protect and watch over them, they are our responsibility.

Golden Retriever excited to have more puppies.
I’m not entirely sure, but in the end, when Mia seemed about to cry a little, Bailey actually sat with her back to her. It may be random, but this is actually a sign of trust and a willingness to do no harm, since when you turn your back on someone, you can bite or scratch it while they’re almost there. can comfortably turn their backs on you. It was actually a pretty cool gesture for me. If it weren’t for coincidence, he would say indiscriminately “No puppies, don’t cry, I’m a harmless dog!”


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