How to draw a cartoon Duck Step by Step

How to draw a cartoon Duck easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How to draw a cartoon Duck

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle. This will form the head of the duck.

Step 2

Draw a long curved line extending down from the circle. This will form the back of the duck’s neck.

Step 3

Draw another long, curved line extending from the head down to outline the front of the neck.

Step 4

Draw a large oval at the base of the neck. This outlines the wings of the duck.

Step 5

Starting from the outline of the wing, draw a series of curved lines to detail the feathers of the wing. For the wing tips, allow the lines to extend through the oval and meet at sharp points. At the bottom of the wings, the feathers will be shorter and more rounded, using “U” shaped lines.

Step 6

Erase the guide lines around the wing.

Step 7

Using a series of interconnected curved lines, extend more feathers over the tips of the wings. This will form the tail of the duck.

Step 8

Add a layer of fluff to the duck’s chest using short, curved lines connecting the serration points facing down.

Step 9

Seal the duck’s body by drawing a long, curved line from the breast to the tail of the duck. Add feather detail below the wings using short, curved, join lines.

Step 10

From this tuft, start the legs by drawing two short and curved lines.

Step 11

Use a series of “U” shaped lines to draw the feet. Extend one toe to the back of your foot in a “U” shape and some toes facing forward.

Step 12

Draw another plume of feathers using short, curved lines that meet at jagged points. Extend two short and curved lines down from the bun.

Step 13

Draw the second foot in the same way as the first, by joining and overlapping some “U” shaped lines.

Step 14

Draw the beak. Extend a curved line from the face and enclose an irregular shape. Draw a small oval in the figure to form the nostril.

Step 15

Draw a curved line from the bottom of the beak to its side, enclosing the shape of the lower beak. Draw a curved line inside the lower beak to give details to the mouth.

Step 16

Draw the tufts of hair extending from the top and back of the head using short, curved lines that follow the jagged points.

Step 17

Remove guide lines from the top.

Step 18

Draw a large circle to form the eye. In the eye, draw a smaller circle and a small circle within the smaller circle. Shade between the innermost circles to form the pupil. Lengthen eyelashes from the eyes using short and curved lines. Draw a curved shape above the eye to form the eyebrow.

Step 19

Add feather details to the head, neck, belly and wings using short, curved lines.

Step 20

Color the duck. Ducks come in many colors – ducklings are usually yellow. Adult ducks can be solid white or speckled with white, brown, black, and even green.

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