How to Draw a Fire Truck step by step

How to Draw a Fire Truck with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to Draw a Fire Truck step by step

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Step 1

Start by sketching the front of the fire truck. Draw a horizontal rectangle with rounded corners to make the grill. Above it, place three more rounded rectangles, one larger than the other. The two smaller ones represent headlights. Finally, draw an upward curve from one of the headlights to outline the side wall of the cabin.

Step 2

Draw a line straight up from the grill to outline the front of the truck. Draw two large parallelograms to form the windshield. Then, place a rectangle on one side and a partial rectangle on the other to represent the two-sided mirror. Draw small ovals and a curved line on top of the truck.

Step 3

Complete the front of the truck with curved lines. Draw a cylinder on top and outline it with two curved lines. This forms a bright, flashing bar of light. Attach partially and fully rounded rectangles to the side windows.

Step 4

Use curved lines to enclose the fenders and tires. Draw an oval in the center of the tire to form the wheel. Then, finish the doors with straight lines. Draw a small rounded rectangle on each door to form the doorknob.

Step 5

Place a half-circle underneath the grill to represent the wheel on the opposite side. Then, use a series of straight and curved lines to outline the bottom of the fire truck and the rear wheels. Draw another line near the top of the truck.

Step 6

Outline the rear tire using a curved line. Draw an oval in its center to indicate the wheel. Then, draw compartments on the side of the fire truck. Sketch squares and rectangles of different sizes.

Step 7

Draw a straight line across the top of the truck, with a double curved line toward the light bar and another line going through it. This is the truck’s ladder base. Complete the back of the truck with a curved line and add a square compartment on the side.

Step 8

Use straight lines to sketch the fire truck’s ladder. First, draw a long trapezoid. Then, draw another trapezoidal part in front of the ladder. Start drawing triangular holes.

Step 9

Continue drawing triangles along the edge of the ladder.

Step 10

Color your cartoon fire truck. Traditionally, fire trucks are red, but they can also come in other bright colors, such as yellow.

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How to Draw a Fire Truck step by step

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