How to Draw a Mansion Step By Step | Easy to draw a house

How to Draw a Mansion with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to Draw a Mansion Step By Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1:

In step 1, you will make the rooftop villa. Starting from the left, you should draw a triangle on the left side and a lightning rod. Now draw a trapezoid with curved edges from the roof. Attached is a longer trapezoid behind the first one. Now use three lines to complete the square below it. Draw another triangle in the top right corner. And another narrow triangle below the triangle in the top right corner. Draw lightning rods upwards using straight and curved lines. The first step has been completed. In the first step, we make the roof of a villa.

Step 2:

In step 2, we will draw the building of the mansion. First, we draw three rectangles in the center part. Two narrow rectangles with a third larger rectangle above this one. Now draw a square to outline the main building. Now draw two more rectangles to the left and right above them with a triangle to complete the main skeleton of the building.

Draw a line near the bottom of the square. It will help you like a staircase. Draw a balustrade using side-by-side curves attached at the corners; Draw a curved line below the clear railing for opposites. Draw a pair of vertical lines at the railing. Use curved lines to close the railing.

To draw a mansion! Now we draw side by side curved lines for a balustrade. Connect at the bottom with a straight line. Now draw straight lines to create stairs on either side of the stairs. Now draw two vertical lines between the stairs. On it draw a series of vertical rectangles, with a long narrow rectangle with rounded corners. Now the entrance of a mansion is ready.

I hope you are learning how to draw a mansion. Now draw two pillars on the porch for the pillars, draw two vertical lines with a small rounded rectangle at the top of the two pillars. Now we will draw the round entrance of the mansion using curved lines. The mansion door is ready. Now draw two rectangles for the bottom of the door and three curved shapes for the top of the door.

Now we will draw the windows of the mansion. There are many arched or circular windows present in the mansion. We can create arched windows using a straight line down to the bottom and curves pointing up. Draw another slightly smaller shape. Now draw a cross on the window using straight lines. Drawing a mansion is a bit technical. Use rectangles for walls & triangles & trapezoids for rooftops. Now draw a circular corridor for the new section. Connect the area with a straight line to create a gallery.

Step 3:

In this step you will learn how to draw a mansion. First, draw a curved & straight line for the driveway through. Now we will beautify the mansion by painting bushes or bushes outside the mansion in a lawn area.

Step 4:

I hope now you can know how to draw a mansion. In this step we draw the fountain and drive through the road. First, draw curved & straight lines to draw the path. To draw a fountain:

Draw a circle in front of a mansion.
Draw another circle to complete the fountain rotation.
Draw fountain knob number 7 with lots of curved, interconnected lines and water jets.

Step 5:

Now this is the last and final step of the drawing that will give you a nice stroke. Now color this beautiful mansion; Choose the color of your choice to color this drawing. We recommend using shades of light green, green, brown and blue to color your beautiful drawing.

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