How To Draw a Pig Cute Step by step

How To Draw a Pig Cute with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How To Draw a Pig Cute

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing an oval. This will form the pig's head.

Step 2

Overlapping the oval, draw an irregular enclosing shape, like a heart with a rounded bottom. This will form the pig’s nose.

Step 3

Draw a curved line from the top of the nose and a longer curved line below it. Draw two “U” shaped lines below the longer line to form the open mouth.

Step 4

Draw a short curved line from the top of the nose to the top of the oval, and a long curved line from the bottom of the mouth to the top of the oval.

Step: 5

Erase the remaining guides from the oval.

Step: 6

Draw the ears using a series of connected “U” shaped lines.

Step: 7

Draw the other ear, using the same curved lines.

Step: 8

To form the body, draw a large oval overlapping the back of the head.

Step: 9

Draw a long, curved line from the top end to the bottom of the oval.

Step: 10

Remove the remaining guides from the large oval.

Step: 11

Sketch the leg by drawing two sets of curves. In each set of lines, the lines should be further apart at the top than at the bottom.

Step: 12

To form the distal leg, draw two more sets of curves extending from the abdomen.

Step: 13

Remove the guide lines from the pins.

Step: 14

Connect each set of leg cords using a curved line, then use two “U” shaped lines to form the hoof.

Step: 15

Draw a curly spiral, which overlaps to form the tail.

Step: 16

Draw another curly line parallel to the first, erasing overlapping lines if necessary.

Step: 17

Draw an oval section above the nose and a short curved line next to it. Draw a second oval section on top of the curve. These ovals will form the eyes. Then draw a curved shape over each eye using two short curved lines.

Step: 18

Draw two ovals on the nose to form the nostrils. Draw a curved line through the mouth and shade above it.

Step: 19

Draw two parallel curved lines through each eye and two small ovals below them. Shade the area around the oval to form the pupil.

Step: 20

Color your pig. Many cartoon pigs are pink, but they can also be black, brown, white, or spotted.


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