How To Draw A Stingray Easy Step By Step

How To Draw A Stingray with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How To Draw A Stingray Easy Step By Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

As we mentioned in our introduction to how to draw a stingray, the creature’s unique construction can make drawing it quite challenging.

That’s why we’ll break it down into more basic lines and shapes throughout this tutorial. We will also keep it very simple in this first step, as you will now only be drawing a small part of the outline.

You can do this using a rather curved wavy line as shown in the reference image. This line will form the head and the front of the body later on, so when you’re ready, we can move on to the next steps!

Step 2

Next, draw some more body contours
The second part of drawing the rays will continue what you started in the previous part of drawing the rays.

You can continue to use a wavy line extending up from the previous line you drew and this will form the upper part of the stingray’s body.

As you draw this line, you’ll want to try and recreate the line as it appears in the reference image, as this will help the body flow look correct.

It may not look like much now, but it will all come together soon as you continue to add details and body parts to it.

Step 3

Now let’s draw more of the stingray’s body
We’ll be adding quite a bit to the creature’s outline in this step of our how to draw a stingray tutorial.

Using some more wavy lines, we can start on the stingray’s back. It will get a little thinner as you get closer to the tail, and we will draw the tip of the tail in this step.

Stingrays have eyes on the top of their heads and we will also draw one of the eyes in this section.

You can draw the eye as a flat circle, and we will add some small and curved lines around it for more expressive detail.

When you’re ready to move on, it’s time to move on to step 4!

Step 4

Next, start drawing some final details
For this and the next, we’ll work on not only the outline but also some final details for your stingray drawing.

For this step, start by drawing some slightly rounded lines along the center of the body to create the structure of the stingray’s body.

This will help distinguish it from the wing-like pectoral fin you drew.

Finally, you can use some slightly sharper curves for the end of the tail, as shown in the reference image.

Once you’ve drawn all of these elements, we’ll add some details and final strokes in the next step.

Step 5

Complete your ray drawing
We’ll be spending this fifth step of the tutorial on how to draw a stingray perfecting some of the smaller details while adding some final touches of your own.

For the details that we chose, we added lots of little dots all over the body of the stingray.

These help give the stingray a more dynamic look and they are a great way to complete a drawing.

You can also add some details of your own, and you can even take it a little further by creating a great background for this image.

You can paint an ocean floor with lots of other sea creatures or even add something like a sunken pirate ship! What else can you think of to complete this incredible drawing?

Step 6

Complete your stingray drawing with some colors
In the final part of the ray drawing, we will finish it off with some color. In our reference image, we chose some darker shades consisting mainly of some really dark blues.

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