How to draw Doraemon step by step

How to draw Doraemon with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to draw Doraemon step by step


Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Lightly draw a circle on top of the rectangle. Draw paths in the oval to help you place facial features.

Step 2

Draw 2 ovals side by side to look like a horizontal 8…for the eyes.

– Draw a curved line for the mouth and for the collar at the semicircle of the mouth.

Step 3

Draw a black circle for the pupils and a white circle for the eyes.
Draw more circles as well as a ‘J’ shape on the left side of the body.

Step 4

– Draw curved lines on both cheeks.

– Draw a ‘D’ shape to the side to make the bag.

– Draw an inverted ‘L’ shape on the right side of the body.

– Draw a circle under the left arm.

Step 5

– Draw a few lines on the face.

– Draw 2 curved lines and 1 straight line on the bell.

– Draw an ‘L’ shape for the left leg.

– Draw 2 lines for the right arm.

Step 6

– Draw 2 ovals for the feet.

Step 7

– Draw a curved line for the collar.

– Draw an ‘s’ shape in between the feet.

Finished drawing Doraemon
How to Draw Doraemon with Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Erase the guides and darken the lines that you will keep. I hope that your Doraemon turns out really well. You can show off your robotic cat to all our friends. I hope that you had fun!

How to draw Doraemon step by step

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