How to Draw Ryu step by step – Street Fighter

How to Draw Ryu with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to Draw Ryu step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Like all people drawing lessons, we start with a stickman. Note the features of the pose – Ryu stands leaning towards the intended opponent, but the torso expands towards his direction. His head is tilted slightly forward and pressed against his shoulder – the same pose you can see in the Boxer drawing tutorial.
For a better understanding of proportions, check out a drawing lesson on Captain America – Ryu has a similar physique, so the rules listed in the beginning of the lesson will apply well to the current lesson. .

Step 2

Now let’s make Ryu’s silhouette. Look – Rue is stocky but not fat. He looks like this thanks to his V-shaped body. Another remarkable moment – we can only see the top of his neck, it looks like his head is actually sticking out from his shoulders.

So let’s draw the contours of the face first, this will help us draw the details on the face in the next steps. Then outline the contours of the torso. Then draw the shoulders in a circle and the arms with a cylinder. Don’t forget to outline the elbows and hands. Next, draw the groin, which looks like a triangle, and the legs, a cylinder. Note that the body must be very massive. Outline the knees and feet and proceed to the third step.

Step 3

Ok, now you can draw the contours of the face. As you can see, we have created Ryu’s silhouette, moving from top to bottom. Now will add the details in the same direction. Ryu’s drawing style (as well as the entire Street Fighter).

At first draw the eyes, which we can see. Then use thick curved line to draw eyebrows. Use a few cimple lines to draw the nose and mouth. Draw the ears and correct the contours of the jaws. Outline the contours of the hair and ribbons.

Step 4

This step is very simple. In this step we make Ryu’s face more detailed. First, erase the head guides, such as the circle of the head from the first step and the lines of symmetry on the face.

Then make the eyebrows thicker and darker. Correct the facial contours, draw the pupils inside the eyes and add some wrinkles. Also, don’t forget to draw the lines of the neck muscles with a few simple lines.

Step 5

Ryu wears a sleeveless gi, the contours of which we now outline. First draw the lines of the collar. Use tear lines to draw the edges of the torn sleeves. Then draw the belt and part of the gi hanging down below the waist. Continuing with the bottom of Ryu’s clothes, we first draw the groin area. Then move to the legs.

Please note that there are very few lines on Ryu’s clothes, as if it were made up of folds. At the end of this step, mark his toes, fingers, and some muscle lines on his arms.

Step 6

Proceed to the final details. Delete the remaining instructions. Use clear, confident lines to draw the contours of the gi (don’t forget about the collar). We use the same clear and confident lines to draw the muscles. It seems like there is a large amount of muscle, but it is not.

At first we draw the deltoids, they look like carved balls.
Then move down and draw the biceps and triceps.
Next, draw the elbow, tapering to the wrist.
After the arm muscles draw the gloved hand. At the end of this step, draw the feet and toes on them.

How to Draw Ryu step by step


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