Human skills are limitless – Weird people video

The video summarizes people who are more energetic than people, but it’s not natural to have but to go through the process of practice. Some amazing feats of human ability here. Great video compilation.

Human skills are limitless

Wow They’re pretty good at that and they’re really talented I need to learn a few things They have a lot of techniques that are old enough to be strong but also young enough to not suffer the downsides of age
That’s when you become an adult, I guess your strength will reach its peak. My guess is that at age 3 your strength changes from toddler to child, at 11 your strength changes from childish to teenager, at 18 your power changes strength varies from teen to adult. Every age has a peak of strength, you just need to decide when you want your power to peak. The cycling tricks are awesome but on the first try I would get a handle bar on one side of my kidney.

Human skills are limitless

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