Jaguars vs. Giant Otters: Who Will Win? || Wild animals Video

Giant otters are very territorial. When these jaguars encroach on their space, the otters fight back.

Jaguars vs. Giant Otters - Who Will Win.

Nat Geo WILD

This is a giant otter. These are two jaguar sisters named Medrosa and Jaju. They are engaged in a fight near Panthera’s research station in southern Brazil. Jaguars have a diet consisting mainly of caimans and capybaras… but these sisters seem intent on broadening the horizons of their diet. This individual was able to frighten the two jaguar sisters. The giant otter is a carnivore and is agile in the water. Some local tribes have called them “underwater jaguars.” Otters form social groups to help maintain control over their territories and protect each other. In this second confrontation between a female jaguar and a family of otters, the otters prevailed again.

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