Migos “Avalanche” – Funny music video


Migos ATL

It’s a trip to watch Migos rise from hip-hop breakers to cultural standard-bearers over the past decade. As the first artists of Quality Control, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff are practically temptation traps now. It’s no surprise that their trio of music sounds like home through the hit song by Motown’s most popular band ever. “Papa was a rolling stone but now I’ve got stones rolling in the bezel,” began Quavo’s single “Avalanche” by the Culture III trio, floating through Norman Whitfield’s bulging string arrangement. They even dressed Jimmy Fallon and Roots in October, swapping out their colorful Versace shirts for matching black felt hats, suits and blacks at their Tonight Show performance. surname. Classic soul patterns and dial looks may not be part of the arsenal that has Migos here, but as long as those signature lines remain intact everything else is interchangeable for like Temptations’ revolving travel list.


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