21 Most Incredible Moth Species – Wild animals videos

21 Most Incredible Moth Species – Wild animals videos 2021

Most Incredible Moth Species

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#21 Lime Hawk Moth

Found throughout Europe and western Asia, this species has also been recorded in eastern regions of Canada. While males are smaller than females, their colors are often more pronounced. The shape of its fuselage and wings, along with the combination of dark green and brown spots almost make it look like a camouflaged fighter.

#20 Double Spotted Sphinx

This species belongs to the family of hawk moths and is found widely throughout North America. While they occur as far north as the Yukon, they appear to be picky when it comes to California. According to some sources, this creature cannot be found in areas south or west of the Golden State.

#19 Hornet Moth

If you don’t know a better way, you’ll think this is a full-blown passionate guy. It is an example of imitation in the animal kingdom. As a more fearsome insect, this moth is very unattractive to predators who don’t want to be stung. It is even roughly the size of a wasp and mimics the animal’s flight pattern.

# 18 Gallium Sphinx

Also known as the Bedstraw hawk-moth, these animals are widely distributed across the globe. In addition to North America, they also occur in Central Asia, Japan and the Arctic Circle in Europe. They are active from May to October, but mainly at night.

#17 Giant leopard moth

Compared to other moths on our list, a wingspan of about 3 inches (7.6 cm) doesn’t seem too “huge”. Although it is a respectable size, there is no question that they are related to leopards. Like those big cats, these insects display some unique, spotted patterns.

#16 IO Moth (eye-oh)

The name “I-O” is a fitting name, due to the prominent eye spots appearing on the wings of this species. Like other moths and butterflies with similar markings, these patterns are a defense mechanism that scares off predators.

#15 Pellucid Hawk Moth (peh-loo-sid)

Many entomologists find this species attractive due to its unusual appearance. They have a stout body like a wasp, along with transparent wings for camouflage.

#14 Garden Tiger Moth

The animal’s black spots and orange hind legs are clearly reminiscent of tigers. But the patterns can vary depending on the animal. The researchers found at least 500 patterns of variation occurring within the species.

#13 Luna Moth

Its wingspan can reach 7 inches (18 cm), making it one of the largest moths found in North America. The common name of this insect is related to Luna, the Roman goddess of the Moon. But their self-defense mechanism doesn’t sound very divine.

# 12 Moth Owl

This insect is found all over India and also China and Japan. They are a hardy species with a wingspan of more than 6 inches (160 mm). Their wings are distinguished by a pattern of black and brown stripes.

#11 Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Thanks to its long proboscis (snih-bos-sis), flight behavior, and humming sound, an association with hummingbirds is easily discernible. It even feeds on the same flowers as the bird of the same name.

# 10 Hercules Moth

When a creature is named for a legendary demigod known for his powers, you’d expect it to be massive. Hercules Moth is endemic to northern Australia and New Guinea. And its 11-inch (27 cm) wingspan makes it the largest known moth of the land of Oz.



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