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Amazing Strange Rope Police

Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas is an amazing city simulator game in which you get to control a superhero just like Spider-Man. You can choose to be a superhero and save the day, or you can be the bad guy and become a super villain!

The 3D graphics in this game are huge and the huge city you can explore is also huge and full of surprises. You can use a multitude of superhero moves like shooting webs, climbing buildings and even laser beams! On top of that, you can also choose from a variety of superhero costumes. Which path will you choose?

Release date

The game was originally released on Android in October 2017. The WebGL version has been available since December 2018 and can be played here on CrazyGames.


Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas is made by HGames-ArtWorks.


  • Visually stunning HD 3D graphics
  • Fully functional Spiderman character that can shoot web to swing, climb building, and even shoot a powerful laser
  • Various Spiderman costumes to use
  • Missions to accomplish
  • Free to roam


Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas is a web browser game. It’s also available as an Android app.


    • WASD or arrow keys: move
    • T: open nearby garage
    • Q: shoot web
    • Right click: laser
    • Left click: shoot or punch
    • Space bar: jump
    • Left shift: run
    • X: switch weapons
    • F: open car
    • R: open nearby shop
    • G: grenade
    • Z: switch grenade
    • C: switch vehicle camera

Garbage truck controls

  • Pitchfork up: Z
  • Pitchfork down: X
  • Dump start: Q
  • Dump end: E
  • Lift container: space


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