Caroline Polachek “Bunny is a Rider” – Funny songs video

Bunny is a Rider


Aloofness, as a sub-component of “charm”, is an ancient, marketable skill that, when used properly, can become a significant life-changing tool. Caroline Polachek Cares About Illustrating: In the perfect video for “Bunny is a Rider,” a somber, bumpy little tribute to the pleasures of using escape-choice behaviors as part of a Self-protective, anti-FOMO, she wanders around a storage room while dodging a Minotaur. The monster is said to represent the pain of unnecessary duty; storage units, a life is carefully divided. It’s as if an Aesop fable meets self-reliance in a pop song. It has not been since Kate Bush that we have such a humorous modernist.


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