Explore Ha Long Bay: Tourist paradise in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s paradise. It is the number 1 tourist destination in this country.

Explore Ha Long Bay - Tourist paradise in Vietnam

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When you travel to Vietnam, this should be on your list. Halong Bay is dotted with limestone islands forming a wonderful landscape in its beauty and uniqueness. You will want to take a boat tour to see all the islets and islands scattered across the ocean. Also, a bonus: I found the absolute best in Halong Bay to take a picture of a great view. This place is called Mount Poem, and I take you there. Just watch.

Ha Long discovery journey like a real native

1. Relax like the people of Ha Long

In recent years, Airbnb has become a phenomenon when it opens up a paradise of accommodation for tourists, no need to stay in the hotel too luxurious, lose too much money, visitors can choose for themselves an Airbnb with bathroom private kitchen, full amenities. The most important thing is that you can go out in Ha Long and experience the culture freely freely, the host will be willing to advise you on local customs, festivals, or restaurants. landmarks. You will find somewhere peaceful atmosphere in the daily life of Ha Long people.

2. Try the traditional breakfast

Do not let luxurious Asian and European restaurants deceive your taste buds, try stepping into a roadside restaurant and often eat Bun Surf, Guom Cake, it will certainly not disappoint you. The last dish of squid is also one of the dishes that you try. The addresses of these restaurants are near Bach Dang cinema, very convenient and easy to find. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy great delicacies when traveling to Ha Long.

3. Attend Ba Vang pagoda ceremony when coming to Ha Long

Ba Vang pagoda was the first Buddhist temple built in the 13th century. The temple was first renovated in 1706 by Monk Tue Bich. The last time was in 2011. Through so many bombs and bombs of the war, Ba Vang pagoda still stood tall, porous and now became a tourist attraction in Ha Long. Every year there is a unique “Chrysanthemum” festival.

4. Have fun at Dragon Park

Ha Long Dragon Park is part of a SunWorld Ha Long entertainment area. It has many attractions such as the Queen cable car or the Sunwheel wheel. Dragon Park is famous for its three roller coaster tracks: Dragon Race, Mysterious Journey and Little Dragon Flight. In addition, there is also a combination of 29 different extremely interesting games, from swing to the tropical garden. This is indeed a very interesting destination for those who love to explore.

5. Enjoy a dreamlike sunset from the Sun Wheel

After spending time playing at Dragon Park, do not rush back, but stick around for a moment to see the whole beautiful sunset as a dream in Ha Long. Sunwheel is known as the largest ferris wheel in Ha Long, located on the top of Ba Deo mountain with an altitude of 250m above sea level with tens of thousands of LED lights, the giant Sunwheel wheel will give visitors the full picture. Ha Long sunset as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon.

6. Take a cooking class on the yacht

Traveling to Ha Long by boat is a bit expensive, but it will give you unforgettable feelings. One of the yachts in Ha Long has a very useful cooking class. Here, you will learn how to make a traditional fried spring roll in Vietnam. In addition, Hai Au Airlines also combined the flight itinerary with the same night stay on the Emeraude yacht. This is the best way to see Ha Long from many angles.

7. Enjoy street food in Ha Long

Not enjoying the food in Ha Long will be a huge omission for young people. The area of ​​Ben Doan street, Hong Gai district owns a multitude of sidewalk eateries. There are about 87 food stalls with a variety of prices. Seafood is an indispensable dish, from grilled shrimp, grilled crabs to grilled snails.

8. Karaoke at the Diamond Club Bar

If you love to party, the bars here will be a very interesting place to have fun. Most of these clubs are filled with dancers and dancers. Join and party, have fun like a local, here you can also sing karaoke. Sing with all your heart and feel as if you are a part of Ha Long.

9. Relax on the quiet beach of Ha Long

The full, crowded beaches will make you feel “unhappy”, the hustle also makes you uncomfortable. So, try taking a boat to another beach to enjoy the natural landscape, calm blue sea. Although it is a tourist attraction, there are a few places that only locals can find. Ngoc Vung and Son Hao islands are suggestions for you, here, you can also experience water sports such as swimming, kayaking or simply sunbathing, breathing the sky and listening to the waves. Sea, how peaceful and happy.

Just a small area of ​​Southeast Asia, but Ha Long brings in many surprising mysteries. With a little effort, you will gain a deeper understanding of the local culture, as well as visit some of the traditional and unique places of the bay. If you still have any questions, please call us immediately to find out in detail!

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