Funny Battle Simulator 2 – Game Play

Funny Battle Simulator 2

The fun battle simulation continues with the 2nd chapter! This chapter is coming soon with lots of brand new features like new soldier types and lots of new game chapters. Sharks, elephants and kamikaze soldiers will join the battle this time. The battle this time will be a bit awesome. You should defeat the enemy on the battlefield and destroy all the enemy units. If you fail, you start the battle from the beginning. You will have a limited budget. Use your budget wisely and show your strategic prowess on the battlefield against your enemies!

Release Date

January 2022


GoGoMan made this game.


Web browser


  • Left mouse button = create a unit
  • Right mouse button + CTRL = delete unit
  • WASD = standard movement
  • WASD + Right mouse button (Hold) = alternative move
  • Shift = speed up movement
  • Q / E = rotate the camera





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