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These are dogs that show affection to their owners. You are confident that your cherished dog will be waiting for you when you get back, cheering you on. What is reunion.

How dogs show affection to their owners

Our bonds with animals are so pure. They help us live our best life by bringing out the best in us. I love them so much.
Dogs have no sense of time. They “live in the moment.” They are aware that you are not there, but they do not know how long you’ve been gone. So if you’re gone half an hour or a week it’s the same to them. YOU’RE BACK! There used to be this comic meme or something in which a guy would go to work and his dog would start texting him. On one occasion the dog remarked that he had been gone so long that he(the dog) was beginning to forget what the man looked like. The man had barely left the house.

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