How To Draw A Cute Goat Easy Step By Step

How To Draw A Cute Goat with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How To Draw A Cute Goat Easy Step By Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw a diagonal oval to outline the goat’s head.

Avoid pressing down too hard with the pencil when drawing the outline. It’s important to draw light strokes so you can easily erase some parts of the outline later that you don’t need.

Step 2

Draw a goat’s head with a pair of ears

Draw an ear on both sides of the goat’s head. Then, erase any lines that overlap the inside of the ear to keep your drawing neat and organized.

Step 3

Next, A Brief History of the Goat’s Status

Structure the body just below the goat’s head by drawing a long curved shape starting from below its chin.

Needless to say, you can make its body as thick or thin as you want — it’s all up to you! After all, it’s your drawing!

Step 4

Then Draw the Back Legs of the Goat
Now that we have drawn the body structure of the goat, it’s time to work on its legs.

Draw a curved line opposite the lower back of the goat. Then draw two parallel lines with a diagonal line at the bottom. These lines should be connected directly to the lower body of the goat, eventually forming the bent hind legs.

Make sure to remove any lines from the body contour that overlap inside the shape of the leg.

Step 5

Draw the pins first to complete all four legs
Draw two diagonal lines parallel to a curved line at the bottom on each side of the goat’s upper body to create its front legs.

Then, similar to the previous steps, erase the overlapping border inside the leg to ensure that your drawing is perfect.

Step 6

Then draw a tail on the goat’s back
One of the most distinguishing features of a goat is its short, hairy tail and that’s exactly what we’ll be drawing in this step.

To create a small fuzzy tail similar to the one shown in the illustration, simply draw a small uneven shape with lots of curves. Side-by-side curves create the illusion of fur texture on the tail, making it look lifelike.

Step 7

Attach a pair of horns to a goat’s head
Draw two pointed, pointed triangles at the top of the goat’s head to form its separate horns. Make sure to position the horns in a way that makes it appear to be leaning backwards.

Step 8

Now, more details and samples
Make your goat look more realistic by adding different details and patterns all over its head and body.

Starting from top to bottom, draw two parallel horizontal lines on each horn to create a distinct texture. Then draw a line at the bottom of each leg following its natural shape. This helps separate the goat’s toe and heel from its sole, outlining the hooves.

Step 9

Draw a pair of big and glittery eyes
Give your goat a happy expression by drawing two ovals to outline its eyes. Then draw two small circles inside each eye. Shade the entire eye except for the small inner circles to make the eyes look sparkling.

Remember that the right eye is slightly larger than the left eye because the goat is tilted to one side.

As you can see, the drawing of the goat is complete. All that’s missing is a bunch of colors to make your goat catch the eye!

Now that we’ve successfully drawn a goat, it’s time for the most fun part — choosing and coloring your goat drawing!

The color of goats is quite plain and simple because their primary color is just black or brown. Their base color differs in its saturation or shade, as well as the patterns or patches of white that overlay them. That being said, the color of a goat is also different.

You can choose from these standard colors or choose a unique set of colors. You can even use your favorite color if you like! Up to you. After all, it’s your work of art.

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