How To Draw A Deer Cute And Easy Step By Step

How To Draw A Deer Cute with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How To Draw A Deer Cute And Easy Step By Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Sometimes in life you have to start from the top instead of the bottom, and that’s true for our first step, I’ll show you how to draw a deer!

Deer have cute and pointed ears, and we’ll start with this step. To draw them into, you can only be use a some path with a point in that when they are export in the reference image.

Use a round between them will create to the top.

Step 2

Next, draw the first part
For this part of your drawing, we’ll add the rest of the outline below the ears. Carefully draw some more angled shapes to form the top of the contour.

Then in front of the face you can draw in a more shape as you can see in the reference image. We will soon be adding her snout to that more area.

Step 3

Now, let’s start drawing in the body
Finished the head of the contour, so for the third step we will start drawing the back of the deer.

This will be a curve extending down from below the ear and forming a curve back from the top.

Once you have a line like the one in the image, add another curved line under the front of the face to start drawing your deer’s chest.

Step 4

Add some other body parts
We are starting to build your unique deer drawing! For this step we will add more to the body of the deer.

Using the line that you drew for the back and chest of the deer, you can start drawing the legs.

The legs are thicker at the top and then become more angled as you go down. Referring to the image will help you a lot in getting back in shape!

After you draw these legs, just add a curved line between us to scare you, and then extend the line down to the chest.

Step 5

Now draw the legs and tail again
You’ve already drawn with two pins, so it’s easier to add more pins in this step! Simply draw two more legs that look like the ones you drew earlier, just on the other side of the body.

Then use a curved line to create a small tail for your canvas.

Step 6

Next, paint your deer’s face
Your sketch is pretty much done! In this part of the tutorial on how to draw a deer, we will be doing it on the face of the deer.

The small eye of the scale and they are at two side of the face. Then you can draw the part with a curved line under the black and solid wire.

The nose and mouth will be in the circle area of ​​the face that you left before.

Finally, draw a line on the nose to make the muzzle for the deer, then thin lines between the eyes to create the bone structure for the face.

Step 7

Please add an end of the details about your nai note
With the face drawn, your drawing is just a few more details and you’re ready for some color!

We added some details with some lines on the head, tail, tail and legs to create some variation patterns.

There’s also a line below the top for you to color in later, and you can finally add some extra points to your caption.

These are the details we’ll be adding, but what other details do you think we’ll add?

how to draw a deer

Now you complete your deer with some color
That they give them to the last step of the way to draw North Guide!

Now that you have successfully drawn a cute deer, all that remains is to color it. The image reference we provide here shows you one of the many ways you can color this deer.

You can use a more muted, brown color to keep it looking a little more realistic, but you can also get creative with some fun and unique colors!

Once you’ve picked up a color idea, you can have fun playing with some awesome vehicles! If I were coloring in this photo, I would use some watercolor paint for a more blurred look.

I will also draw and color the beautiful forest background for this deer, but what medium do you think I will use? You will draw in a background? We’d love to see how you complete it!

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