How to Draw a Lake step by step || Scenery Drawing Easy

How to Draw a Lake with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to Draw a Lake step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

We will not only draw a lake in this how to draw a lake tutorial, we will also draw some houses and trees for the surroundings.

For this first step, we will draw one of the small cabins on the lake.

We are observing this lake from a bird’s eye view, so this is worth keeping in mind as we draw the cabins at an angle.

To draw the cabin first, you can use some straight lines to draw the walls, windows and roof of the cabin. That’s all there is to this step and you’re ready to go!

Step 2

Draw the next cabin and the first tree
Now that you have drawn a cabin for your aquarium, you should have no problem drawing the next one.

This cabin will look very similar to the first one, and you can also draw a pretty pine tree between them.

Step 3

Add some more details for the cabins
You’ve completed two cabins to paint and now you can add some detail around them in this step of our lake drawing tutorial.

First, you can use some straight lines forming a cross in front of the cabins for some small fences in front of them.

You can then draw some much larger pine trees behind the two cabins.

Step 4

Continue drawing some trees
This lovely lake drawing that you are working on should be near a forest, as we will be adding some more trees in this step.

These trees will be the largest by far, and they will be located on the left side of the cabins.

Just like the previous parts, they will be drawn into several parts, each part getting higher and higher.

Step 5

More pine trees
This painting already looks great, but it needed a few more trees to complete this beautiful surroundings in our how to draw a lake tutorial!

For this step we will add three more trees on the right hand side of the lake.

We’ll add some more details in the next step, but before that you can add any of your own, such as more trees and perhaps another cabin if you’d like!

Step 6

Now add the lake and the final details
So far for your lake drawing, we’ve drawn a lot of different things but none of them include an entire lake.

We’ll fix that in this step, because now it’s time to paint the lake yourself! To do this, you can use some curves to make the outline of the lake.

Then you can use more curves in the perimeter of that contour.

Then you can plant some more trees on the left hand side of the lake. After you’ve drawn these details, you’re ready for the final step of this tutorial!

Before you proceed, however, you can add any details of your own that you might want.

We mentioned adding trees or cabins, but what else can you think of for this picture?

Maybe you can add some background to it by drawing some more parts to it. Maybe you can add some beautiful mountains or clouds above the lake to get some ideas.

Step 7

Complete your Lake drawing with some colors
You have reached the final step of the tutorial on how to draw a lake! You have successfully completed this drawing and now you can relax with the fun of coloring.

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