How to draw belle from beauty and the beast

How to draw belle from beauty and the beast with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to draw belle from beauty and the beast

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Use the curves to outline Belle’s face. Notice the “V” shaped hairline on the forehead and in front of the ears.

Step 2

Next, outline Belle’s neck and hair. For the neck, extend two curves down from the face – one from under the ears and one from the chin. Then, use long, curled lines to help fit the wavy shape of the hair. Notice how the lines of the outline overlap. Then, detail the texture of the hair using curves.

Step 3

Draw Belle’s collar. Elongate a pair of curves and extend from chin to base of neck. Allow them to meet at one point.

Step 4

Draw Belle’s hair, tied into a ponytail. Below the hair on her neck, wrap a part of the circle to make the knot of the bow tie. Then wrap an irregular shape to form one side of the bow. Textured the contours of the bow using curves. Then outline the ponytail using long, curled, overlapping lines.

Step 5

Draw Belle’s shoulder. Elongate a curve from the collar. From this line, stretch a pair of lines downwards to form the straps of the shoulder-length dress.

Step 6

Belle’s neck detail has a small “U” outline. Then, draw the other shoulder of her. Elongate a curve from the ponytail. Then, draw a pair of straight lines down to indicate the strap of the late dress.

Step 7

Let’s start to detail Belle’s face. Use a series of curves to outline the unusual curved shape of the eye. Place three circles inside it, each smaller than the last one. Shade between the two smallest to refer to the pupils. Draw short and thick lines at the corners of the eyes to denote the eyelashes, and a curve above the eyes to form the eyelids. Finally, paint a sharp curve above the eye to represent the eyebrows.

Step 8

Continue to detail the face. Use curves and a small, shaded oval to form the nose. Then, draw the rest of the eye and eyebrows as before.

Step 9

Use a series of curves to create Belle’s open lips.

Step 10

Color Belle. She usually has brown hair, and her outfit is blue and white. Then check out our drawing tutorials for more cartoon characters for even more Disney fun!




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