How to draw cute Spiderman Step by Step

How to draw cute Spiderman  easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to draw cute Spiderman Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing a small circle. This will become Spider-Man’s head.

Step 2

Draw a curve below the circle, attaching it to it on each side. This outlines Spider-Man’s jaw.

Step 3

Draw a downward curve in the middle of the face. This will serve as a guide to ordering other features.

Step 4

Stretch two short lines below the head to form the neck. Connect them at the bottom using a curve.

Step 5

Extend the curves from the sides of the neck and connect them below the neck using a pair of curves. This will outline a curved diamond shape, forming the tops of the shoulders.

Step 6

Draw a long curve from each side of the shoulder to outline the sides of the torso. Connect them at the bottom using two short lines that meet at a point. Then, draw a curve across your chest.

Step 7

Draw curves that overlap the shoulders and torso on each side. They will guide you through completing the shoulder and drawing the upper arm. Extend the curves from the bottom of the body and connect them with a long curve.

Step 8

Draw an oval that overlaps each shoulder circle to form the upper arm. Then, draw an oval overlapping each of the upper arms to represent the lower arm. Draw two large ovals that overlap the bottom of the body to form the upper leg.

Step 9

Paste an irregular shape at the end of each arm to form the hand. Draw a curve on each hand, distinguishing the back of the hand from the curled fingers of the fist. Then draw small circles that overlap the bottom two of the upper legs to form the knees. Finally, draw an overlapping oval on each knee to represent the lower legs.

Step 10

Draw a curve through each oval of the lower leg. From the ends of that line, span a pair of lines and concatenate them at the bottom. This outlines Spider-Man’s shoes.

Step 11

Start detailing your character. Start with Spider-Man’s face. Using vertical lines as a guide, draw the eye patches. For each one, wrap a teardrop shape in a waterdrop shape.

Step 12

Start erasing guide lines from head, arms, torso, and legs.

Step 13

Use curves to contour and smooth out the contours of the arms, legs, and hands. Use the additional lines to wrap the blue cloths on the sides of the body.

Step 14

Use the curves to contour and enhance the detail of the boot contour. Draw a curve on each of the lower arms to indicate the upper part of the glove.

Step 15

Remove the guide lines from your character, leaving a clear border. Notice the rest of the original shapes that make up the appearance of bulging muscles.

Step 16

Use curves to contour elbows, knees, blue straps, and ribs.

Step 17

Draw long, curved, long lines on the face, neck, torso, gloves, and boots. These “stripes” are the beginnings of Spidey’s iconic spider web pattern.

Step 18

Draw curved rows between vertical lines, completing the appearance of the spider web.

Step 19

Shade a series of ovals and curves on Spider-Man’s chest to form the Spider-Man emblem.

Step 20

Color your Spider-Man Friendly Neighbor cartoon. His outfit is usually red and blue – red head, body, gloves and boots, and blue hands and feet. With great drawing skills and great responsibility… How will you use your painting next?

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