How To Draw Pink Snail step by step

How To Draw Pink Snail with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How To Draw Pink Snail step by step

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Step 1

Start by drawing a long squiggly line. Duplicate the line back to itself. This will form the head of the snail.

Step 2

Close the screw head with a curved line, wrapping it in a “C” shape at each end. Then, enclose a quasi-circle with a long, curved line. This forms the snail’s protective shell.

Step 3

Draw a long spiral in the snail shell.

Step 4

Use two curved lines to enclose a curved triangle on the back of the case. This forms the tail of the snail.

Step 5

Draw a pair of short, curved, parallel lines extending upwards from the snail’s head. This forms one of the snail’s eye stalks, which support the eye.

Step 6

Extend a second set of short, curved, parallel lines upward from the top. This forms another eye stalk.

Step 7

Draw a circle at the top of one of the eye stubs, forming the eye.

Step 8

Draw a circle at the tip of the other eye’s stalk, forming the second eye.

Step 9

Draw a smaller circle in each eye and an even smaller circle in it. Shades between the innermost circles, indicating the pupil of the eye. Then, draw a wide “U” shaped line across the face, forming a smiling mouth.

Step 10

Color your snail. Common colors of garden snails include brown, black, and green. Others can be yellow, red, pink, orange or white, and many have stripes or a spiral pattern on their shells.

How To Draw Pink Snail step by step

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