Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee – WWE Divas Championship Match

Nikki Bella puts her Divas Championship on the line during her record-breaking reign against AJ Lee at WWE TLC 2014: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee – WWE Divas Championship Match


Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee: Winner and Reaction from 2014 WWE TLC

AJ is the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history, and she hopes to win the title for the fourth time on record. Black Widow makes a brief appearance though, which means that one of WWE’s Total Divas resides will continue to rule the division.

While AJ has long been one of the most outspoken Divas on the entire list, she has been particularly talkative in recent weeks. AJ has not tried to hide the fact that she despises Nikki and the other Divas of the same ilk.

With that said, Nikki is not afraid to pay back and give AJ a dose of her own, according to WWE Divas on Twitter:

There is always onscreen tension between AJ and the cast Total Divas, but things have reached another level at Survivor Series as Nikki uses shady tactics to beat AJ and become the Divas champion. the second time.

During that match, AJ was distracted when Brie Bella wore an apron and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. Nikki capitalized with his forearms followed by Rack Attack to win the title in just over 30 seconds.

That manipulation was predictably angering AJ and made her target Nikki and Brie more than she did before, according to WWE Universe on Twitter:

Despite AJ losing her title at Survivor Series, she received the consolation award just a few weeks later. The former champion was voted Diva of the Year at the Slammy Awards and she used her award speech as a platform to both advise Bellas and announce her TLC intentions:

Though AJ’s focus on pay-per-view is undeniable, Nikki is once again at her best. However, if nothing else, they have proven their ability to bring an entertaining match together.

They were robbed of that chance at Survivor Series by ending so fast, but both got a chance to show off their abilities and prove that they can tie in TLC.

AJ is considered by many to be one of the best in-ring staff among the Divas, and although Nikki is often not mentioned in the same breath, she certainly has come a long way in the field. and affirming myself as a quality performer as well.

Since AJ has hosted or attended the Divas Championship for more than two years, seeing someone else run was a bit of a treat. Now that AJ has lost the second leg, one can only assume Nikki will continue to face a new foe.

Based on her work with AJ at TLC and throughout their feud, Nikki seems prepared to take the next step no matter what her opponents are.


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