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Smash Karts

Smash Karts – The most exciting battle royale racing game on the internet. Take on the extreme and exciting speed challenge, master your vehicles and skills. Take down different opponents on the field, pick up weapons and blow up other karts to win!

Smash Karts are created in 3D with WebGL and io. With state-of-the-art 3D engine and 3D physics, you’ll feel like you’re really behind the wheel. Battle your friends in a kart race to the finish line, while earning power-ups and unlocking new tracks. The game can be played by 1-4 players at a time – perfect for parties! Choose from a variety of karts and race against your friends. Collect power-ups to speed up your karts or knock others off the track.

The game is fast-paced, allowing you to race like a kart, using weapons to eliminate your opponents. As a kart racer you will be able to customize your character, karts and power-ups from the garage. With 3D graphics and online multiplayer, Smash Karts is a fast-paced io game that will get you adrenaline pumping! Race through an endless track, collect coins and power-ups to make your karts faster. With stunning graphics, exciting maps, and multiplayer, Smash Karts has something for everyone. Race against your friends in this fun, challenging game of cat and mouse. Defeat tough opponents and win the Grand Prix!

Collect power-ups and customize your karts before each race to win! There are weapons and powerups on the track to help you, and some of them will make your opponent’s life harder. You can also use the track to slow down your opponents by smashing them against walls and other obstacles. Smash other players into pieces by shooting at them or just knocking them out of the way. The more opponents you smash, the more coins you collect. Coins are great for unlocking new karts! Start your engine and have some smashing fun! The more players, the more chaos it becomes!

Features of Smash Karts:

Action-packed multiplayer kart battles

Rise, earn and save your stats

Several weapons from small guns to bombs!

Customizable karts and characters

How to play

Use Arrow keys or WASD to drive

Use SpaceBar to use abilities

Each strategy requires different, can you master them all and fight your way to victory? Get on your kart and cause a ruckus! Roll over squares containing question marks to pick up weapons and power-ups. You will see everything from powerups to rockets, automatic rifles and mines. In the match, whoever kills the most in 3 minutes will be the winner.


Come on, join Smash Karts today and take home the glory of invincibility!

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