Spice “Go Down Deh” – Funny songs video

Go Down Deh


If you take a close look at our list of the 100 Greatest Songs of 2021, you’ll notice a small number of Gen X artists. That’s understandable, since so many of us listen to music to feel like ourselves. youthful. And who knows, maybe this year will represent a change of guard as we look back at it in 5-10 years. So it’s interesting that while a lot of 20-year-olds sing songs that are slowly beyond their age, the dancehall song of the year features an old man – the gender-positive symbol. Jamaica, Spice – and two silver foxes. Spice created a well-deserved buzz earlier this year with the release of the first official album of her 18-year career, but the X-rated single is still hers, um, sweet spot, and ” Go Down Deh” is among, if not at the top, her best hits hits.

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