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Giant Snake discovered while diving. Swiss Diver Franco Banfi found an massive anaconda underwater in a river in Brazil. Anaconda vs Human Diver… turns out to be a stale mate.

Discovers Giant Anaconda

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Banfi discovered the 26-foot giant anaconda while diving in the Mato Grosso River, an area in Brazil. While these anacondas are common among wildlife in Brazil, one of these sizes is not. These predators will often hide just below the surface of riverbanks similar to crocodiles and king crocodiles and wait for an unsuspecting animal to arrive and take a sip before attacking their prey.

Franco was lucky this giant snake had recently fed a Capybara and wasn’t interested in making the Swiss diver’s next meal.

Banfi is quoted saying that…
“At first it was scary because you don’t know the animal and people say it’s dangerous. But after a while you understand that nothing will happen if you respect the snake.
I have never been near a snake like this before. But I think a small venomous snake is scarier than a large one. At least you can clearly see the anacondas and know what they are doing. “

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