How To Draw Anime Male Face Easy Step by step

How To Draw Anime Male Face with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How To Draw Anime Male Face

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

To create a perfect anime face, we must first depict the contours of the face. It looks like an inverted egg, narrowing down to a blunt corner. At the bottom of this circle, you can see the corners of the lower jaw. Don’t forget about these specifications when you draw the outline of the head.

Step 2

At this stage should start with the contour of the neck. Do you often see thick necks of people in anime? This happens very rarely. In the anime, only very thick people have thick necks. Here we have the usual thin neck.

Also in this phase, we will sketch some facial contours. First, draw a symmetrical vertical line on the face. Then, measure 2/3 of the face and draw a horizontal line. A little higher draw another horizontal line. Between these two lines will be the eye position.

Step 3

Let’s work with facial features. In anime style, the nose and mouth are usually represented by a pair of simple lines. This lesson is no exception as you see it. The main thing is to depict the nose and mouth in the correct position.

Then we can sketch the contours of the eyes. It looks like two large upturned arcs bounded from above by smooth horizontal lines.

Step 4

Add some facial features. Describe round pupils and thin brow contours. In this step we will also draw the ears. Pay attention to the position of the ear. The upper border of the ears is slightly lower than the upper border of the eyes. The lower border of the ears coincides with the nose. At this point, your anime face drawing should look something like this.

Step 5

Let’s draw hair. As a rule, people in anime don’t have well-groomed hairstyles. The hair on the head is schematically represented by lines that look like a few sharp corners. Anime is always famous for its variety of hairstyles. They are very voluminous, curly, with unusual details woven into the hair, so experiment with creating unusual hairstyles and check out our tutorial on how to draw anime hair.

Step 6

In this step of the tutorial on how to draw an anime face, we won’t actually create any new elements. Now we just need to clean up our young man’s face and erase the extra lines that we drew in the first steps. Do not forget about the contour of the inner part of the ear. In addition, you should re-draw the necessary lines to make them clearer, more beautiful and more complete.

Step 7

In order for your anime face drawing to look complete, you need to outline some shadows. You can see the shades concentrated above the eyebrows and on the neck area. In these places, the light covers the hair and chin in turn. Draw on the pupils of our anime character. It is important not to paint over the white highlights as in our sample.


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