Funny Tom and Jerry | Tom’s Funniest Moments! New cartoon for kids

It’s the best of Tom’s nemesis and everyone’s favourite cheeky mouse, Tom and Jerry! New cartoon for kids…

Funny Tom & Jerry - Tom's Funniest Moments - New cartoon for kids

WB Kids

Tom and Jerry tell about two main characters are cat Tom and mouse Jerry. Cat Tom has the task of instinctively catching mice like many country or urban cats. Meanwhile, the mouse Jerry is very small, lovely, but extremely intelligent. One fine day, Tom was raised in a family of three rich black owners, and met Jerry who was stealing food. Instinctively and taught things, Tom has chased Jerry to get rid of the pups. But Jerry is very intelligent, with incredible power than any other creature on earth, what Tom himself also possesses, that is the ability to immortality and resist all cosmic laws. So in every episode, the two fighters always appear with game chases day and night; hot goods, knives, swords, mirrors, guns, divided into many pieces, but still reconnected as usual; Falling from a height of several hundred kilometers did not leave a scar, and countless other mischiefs. To make it more interesting, sometimes other characters appear like puppies, big dogs, female cats, male cats, female mice, mice, mice, grandmothers and they make so many thrilling events to then onions the chase of cats and rats continues to stretch endlessly to this day, has been around for 80 years.





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