How to draw a Rabbit with Pencil step by step | Draw a rabbit easily

How to draw a Rabbit with Pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to draw a Rabbit with Pencil step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw the back of the rabbit
First we will start by drawing the back of the rabbit. For this we need to draw a wave type of a structure. Feel free to use and refer to the image below.

Step 2

Make the ears
From the left side of the curve you drew, you will now have to draw the ears. For this, draw two curved triangles. They should be next to each other. From the inner ear, draw another small curved line to make the rabbit’s head.

Step 3

Draw the mouth
From the curve of the head, extend it to make the rabbit’s mouth. The mouth area should be clearly defined in the diagram.

Step 4

Add details to the ear
On the inner ear, draw a cavity. Here is another curved narrow triangle.

Step 5

Extra legs
Under the mouth, starting at the neck area, draw a curved line to make the body of the rabbit. Now draw three lines and connect them from the bottom to make two legs.

Step 6

Draw the hind legs
After drawing the pins in front, draw another curved line. This is the belly of the rabbit. Also don’t connect this curve to the first curve you drew with a deep curve for the back leg.

Step 7

Add details to the legs
On the hind legs, draw a large C.. This will give the back leg a realistic look.

Step 8

Draw the tail
Rabbits have a small, round, hairy tail. To draw the tail, draw a very light circle. Above this draw zigzag lines all over.

Step 9

Add all the details
It’s time to finish drawing the rabbit. First, using a dark colored pencil, color the inner cavity of the rabbit. Then draw the eyes, For the eyes you will first have to draw a small oval. Then, using a dark black pencil, color it. Do the nose job. For the nose, draw a small shaded circle. Keeping the nose centered, draw 3-4 lines on either side. This is to make the rabbit’s whiskers.

Step 10

Complete the rabbit
Now that you have completed the rabbit diagram and added all the details, it’s time to edit it. Use a dull pencil to polish all over the rabbit.

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