How To Draw Boss Grapes Easy Step By Step

How To Draw Boss Grapes with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How To Draw Boss Grapes

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw the baselines.
First, you need to draw basic guidelines to visually look like some kind of emerald.
How To Draw Grapes

Step 2

Draw the lines of the branch.
Now draw the lines of the branch that will hold the bunch of grapes.
Draw grapes easily

Step 3

Leaf guides.
Continue drawing the guide baselines, in this step you need to draw the lines of the grape leaves.
easy grape sketch
The second part of the leaf.
Follow the same principle as in the previous step, draw a shape for the vine leaves, but now on the left side.
How to draw grape leaves

Step 4

The first grapes.
The basic outlines are ready, now let’s draw the first outlines of the round grape.
Easy Vine Drawing

Step 5

Sketch of grapes.
Continue drawing grape-shaped circles, filling in the area you drew in the first step.
Draw grapes step by step easy

Step 6

Finish drawing the balls.
You need to complete a detailed drawing of each grape according to the example shown in this step.
Drawing Grapes for Beginners

Step 7

Remove instruction lines
So you have filled in the entire area that you drew in the first step, now erase all the guides that were removed in this step in the example. In addition, you need to draw the first part of the vine leaves.
Easy Sketch Vine

Step 8

The second part of the leaf.
Now draw the rest of the vine leaves, they are located on the left side of the sketch visually. Also, draw lines that detail the visual appearance of the leaves and make them more natural.
How to Draw Grapes step by step tutorial

Step 9

Delete the baselines.
All the main parts of the vine have been drawn, now you can erase the basic guides, leaving the drawing you want. If something goes wrong, then take your time and fix all the mistakes.
How to draw grape leaves step by step

Step 9

Color the grapes.
Linear art sketch is ready, now we need to color the grapes. In our drawing, we painted the grapes in purple, but you can paint, for example, green, or in a different natural color of the grapes.
Step by step tutorial on how to draw a bunch of grapes

Step 10

Use a darker shade of the color you want or just take a pencil and add shadows to your artwork. You can see an example of how the shadows are cast in this step.
How to sketch a bunch of grapes

Step 11

Paint tree branches.
Now you need to paint the branch brown.
Easy Grape Drawing Tutorial

Step 12

Add some visual effects.
To keep the final work from looking too boring, you can add some visual effects to it. An example of such a visual effect is shown in this step.
How to draw simple grapes

Step 13

Color the leaves.
Take a green marker, green pencil, or other favorite coloring material and paint the leaves green.
How To Draw Grapes For Beginners Step By Step

Step 14

More details.
Add some detail to your art to make the drawing look more natural and realistic

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