How to draw Princess Zelda

How to draw Princess Zelda easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Princess Drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to draw Princess from Zelda

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by sketching Zelda’s face. Use two long, curved lines to form the cheeks and sides of the face. Extend two more lines to the bottom to form the neck. Draw a long and curved line through the top of the face and fold it in half to form the bands. Draw curved lines on each side of the face and connect them with a short line that meets at a pointed end. This indicates Zelda’s hair.

Step 2

Draw three circles, one larger than the others, at the base of the collar. Then use curved lines to outline the shoulders of the outfit. Below each shoulder, draw a pentagon. Between the pentagons, draw a larger, inverted pentagon. Draw a parallel, smaller pentagon inside it. Finally, Draw a “V” shaped line at the bottom of the pentagon to give it a three-dimensional shape.

Step 3

Draw Zelda’s crown, erasing guide lines as needed. In the center of the forehead, draw a curved diamond shape, with another smaller diamond inside. Smaller diamond texture with small marks. On each face of the rhombus, use straight and curved lines to draw shapes that look like bent triangles. Finally, fill in curved shapes to shape the eyebrows.

Step 4

Use curved lines to wrap the spikes on one side of the head, forming the ears and decorations. Use a curved line to form the torso, and outline Zelda’s extended arms and hands.

Step 5

Sketch of Zelda’s remaining arm and hand. Note the curves at the base of the sleeves, elbows, and palms.

Step 6

Use curved lines to draw the rest of Zelda’s body. Draw a belt of squares and circles. Draw a smaller circle in the first shape and use the lines to give the squares a three-dimensional shape.

Step 7

Wrap two elongated pentagons, one of the other, below the waist. Then outline the wings and the signature triangle in a triangle, the Triad of Strength, Wisdom, and Courage.

Step 8

Use long, overlapping curves to draw the pleats of Zelda’s dress. Decorate the dress by drawing a double wavy line on it.

Step 9

Detail of Zelda’s face and hair. Shade the big circles for the eyes and draw curved lines at the top and bottom of each line. Use curved lines for the nose, mouth, and chin. Wrap the ears and ornaments using curves that meet at points, and detail the inner ear and swirls of the ornament using complementary curves. Use long, curved lines at the serration points to wrap the hair.

Step 10

Color Princess Zelda. She has blonde hair.



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