How To Draw Talking Tom Step By Step | Easy drawing Talking Tom

How To Draw Talking Tom with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Cartoon drawing tutorials for beginners and everyone.

How To Draw Talking Tom

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Cartooning Club How to Draw

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw Talking Tom’s Eyes.
You must draw Talking Tom’s eyes for now. You will draw dots for eyes then you use the parallel curved lines around dots to make Talking Tom’s eyes more real. It is not difficult in this step and you can see our illustration and follow it. You can finish your task in this step and next to step 2.

Step 2

Draw Nose And Mouth Talking Tom.
You view Tom’s mouth details. Use the “U” shaped lines to draw the lower jaw and inner mouth. Surrounding the peanut shape and opening the “U” shape on top. Finally, outline the nose in the shape of a circle. You add the Tongue for Talking Tom in the mouth.

Step 3

Draw Talking Tom’s Eyebrows
You will draw curved lines between the eyes and enclose a curved shape above each eye to represent the eyebrows. Your task here is simple, it takes some seconds to finish and come to step 4 and continue.

Step 4

Draw Talking Tom’s Face Outline And Right Arm.
You use the curved lines to draw the forehead, cheeks and chin around eyes, mouth, nose,,…Use short, overlapping curves that meet at jagged points to indicate tufts of hair on one side of the face. Now, you must draw Tom’s ears, you use curved lines to outline the triangles of the ears. Then use a long, curved line to draw the inside of the proximal ear. View inner ear detail by short and curved lines that meet at points. Use curved lines that meet at points to draw tufts of hair that protrude between the ears. You continue your drawing with Tom’s arm. Use two lines for the upper arms and two lines for the lower body. Notice how they overlap at the finger’s elbow. Use curved lines to draw them back and palm, and “U” shaped lines for the fingers.

Step 5

Draw Talking Tom’s Left Arm.
Now, you use long and curved lines to draw the other arm. You continue to use the “U” shaped lines to enclose the fingers and thumb and draw a zigzag line along the wrist. That is all tasks in this step and you move to step 6 to continue your drawing.


Step 6

Draw Body And Legs For Talking Tom.
You use a long, curved line to outline the point on Tom’s belly, after that you must draw legs. You use a series of short lines that meet at jagged points to draw the legs, bent at the knees. You will finish your task here with the feet and move to step 7.

Step 7

Finish Your Drawing Task.
You finish your drawing mission at the tail of Talking Tom. You use two parallel lines and meet at a point to draw the tail. After that, you must use the short lines to make the horizontal stripes for Talking Tom. Now, you get a Talking Tom and have the last step for coloring.

Step 8

Color Talking Tom.
Now, you will choose the suitable for your product. This is the simplest step for you. You can take any color you like because the is no rule in choosing a color for your drawing. We are beginning the coloring process by using a medium shade of gray as the base coat for the whole of the Talking’s body, and tail, light pink for tongue and ears, green, white, and black for eyes, white for the belly

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