Cat and duckling under the same roof – The cat tenderly takes care of the ducklings | Funny animals videos#25

Cat and duckling under the same roof

This cat is a ball of soft fur, which is great for the cat to become the parent of any Duckling or chick. I have seen many animals in my life, but this is the embodiment of love! That cat will love and nurture any living thing that comes to her. She is very special.
Fascinating to watch and study their behavior. I never imagined that this kind of interaction would happen before.
So satisfying and relaxing to watch. The music selection is perfect and really enhances your video. hope you never change it. So cute. I used to have a white hen and a duck. They grew up together and are like siblings. They keep to themselves and are inseparable. That gentle hand. comfort the ducks feel. Suddenly quiet space.. soft piano sound. .touching the heart makes everyone cry. That one day these ducklings will find their way away from the cat they adopted as biological parents, with a wife and children of their own. Hopefully the mother cats will see their ducklings..or these ducks will be around.

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