Kittens know how to take care of chicks | Funny animals videos#24

Surprised hen! Kittens know how to take care of chicks better than old hens! The most adorable chick in the world. A gentle and caring kitten is a qualified mother of chicks. The life of kittens and chicks.Kittens know how to take care of chicks

This is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen and the chicks are so precious, it makes my heart so happy to see this.
I love how the hen is clearly confused as to why the chick would choose the cat over her but also decides to join the cuddle.
I just love the way the mother hen cuddles her kittens and the way she wraps her legs around the chicks. She just accepted the whole situation
The cat was uncomfortable, but pleased with the reality of the situation. The cat waits for the hens to take a step forward to bring them back to her, and she finally joins them
The hen who threw those chicks was funny, she was looking at the cat and said it’s okay to lie there, it’s cool and cozy, you’ll get all the best!!!
That was amazing. I remember when I had 2 female cats and 1 kitten but the other one kept taking the kittens and the kittens kept going back and forth so funny
Animals get along better than humans, which is cute and love how the Rooster is so calm and doesn’t panic and cats are just as relaxed even though the Rooster and the cat are different. I can say that they are friends, you cannot trust everyone to see your children.
It’s so touching to see the affection between the kittens and the hens! It is these little moments that remind us of the beauty and love that can exist between different species.


Kittens know how to take care of chicks


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