How To Draw A Shark Easy Step By Step

How To Draw a Shark with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and kids.

How To Draw a Shark

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1:

Body contour sketch
Drawing step: Sketch the body contour
This shark looks a lot more cartoonish than the previous one, and it shows. This pose is dynamic and fun but starts with a slightly more complicated shape to draw.

It is made up of three lines. Start with the longest back line and make sure it’s curved enough that once you add the other two, the body will become seriously bulky. We’re aiming for a healthy shark.

Step 2:

Extra fins, tail and mouth
Drawing step: Add fins, tail and mouth
Now to add the mouth, fins and tail. Note that most of the shapes are more rounded and exaggerated than the previous shark.

The lower fin is drawn to resemble a human arm with bulging biceps, rather than just a simple straight fin.

This is part of a cartoonish drawing style that favors dynamism through exaggeration.

Step 3:

More details
Drawing step: Add details
Time to add a few more details. Make sure that the other fin does not cut across the body (unlike the front fin). Doing this will create the perception, the illusion of the shark being a 3-D object.

While sharks don’t have eyebrows and certainly don’t use them for expression, we can put some makeup on for ourselves. After all, drawing is about taking what we see and putting our attraction into it.

The way the eyebrows are slanted and touching the eyes can tell us that the shark is angry and slightly malicious.

Step 4:

Sketch the fins, tail and mouth
Drawing step: Sketch the fins, tail and mouth
Now we begin to track our sharks. Use a thick and soft pencil to do this. First, we draw the “arm” fin, so we know where it cuts across the body.

Next, the mouth – note that we rounded the top lip a bit, not following the sketch.

Finally, we draw the dorsal and tail fins.

You don’t have to draw the shark in this order, but we found it the easiest.

Step 5:

Complete body drawing
Drawing step: Draw the complete body
We continue to monitor the rest of the body – back and tail. Finally, we draw what is showing from the hind fin.

Step 6:

Complete the shark drawing by adding details
Drawing step: Complete the shark drawing by adding details
Now we trace the last part of our sketch, the eye.

You may have noticed that I added the gills and teeth without outlining them first. They are very simple shapes, so unless you want to find out where they are, you won’t need to draw them first.

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