How to draw daffodils step by step | Easy to draw daffodils

How to draw daffodils with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Simple drawing for kids and beginners.

How to draw daffodils step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1:

Let’s start drawing your daffodils. Daffodils are complex and intricate once you start drawing it. We’ll start our drawing by discussing two curves with a diagonal to form an incomplete bell. Now we will connect the line with some waveforms. We will draw a wave shape with the color we drew earlier. Then we’ll add a few lines above it to show the corrugated petals.

Step 2:

Using two curves, we will edit the drop for each petal in the next step. These lines meet at a sharp point. Similar to reality, we’ll draw a few more petals around the bell-shaped petals of the flower.

Step 3:

In the 3rd step, we will draw the stem of the flower. The flower stalk is an important organ that can provide all the qualities needed by plants to keep us healthy. In the third step, we draw the stem by drawing a line that will be slightly darker at the base of the flower, but it will become the background as it moves down to the earth. Our cute daffodils, I’m almost ready but need some more.

Step 4:

Daffodils have long sword-like leaves. The flower waits for death if there are no leaves. So draw long slender sword-like leaves on a flowering plant or stem. The leaves are thin and long. We will draw the leaves using curved lines and connect them at the contours to make them look perfect.

Step 5:

It’s time to color our daffodils. Natural picture, with yellow, pink or orange flowers. Add color green for it. I hope that children will find this drawing engaging and engaging.

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