Protoceratops VS velociraptors (dinosaures) || Great war dinosaur

Protoceratops VS velociraptors (dinosaures). Great war dinosaur, Back to the dinosaur era in the Jurassic era.

Protoceratops VS velociraptors (dinosaures) - Great war dinosaur

Zapping Sauvage

During a Polish-Mongolian paleontological expedition to Mongolia’s Gobi desert, in 1971, a Velociraptor mongoliensis skeleton with a hand and foot clutched the Protoceratops andrewsi. Evidence suggests that these two dinosaurs were indeed killed simultaneously, buried by sand, possibly during a dune collapse. The active predatory nature of the Velociraptor is illustrated visually when it uses its forelimbs to grip its prey, while kicking and scratching its stomach and chest with its hind limbs. Protoceratops were discovered in a semi-erect posture with Velociraptor’s right forearm sandwiched between its jaws in a desperate fight for survival. Their discovery gives a quick picture of time, of the mortal struggle, between these ancient enemies.

The video above simulates the fiery encounters between Protoceratops VS velociraptors. Hopefully the above video gave you a sense of excitement in the prehistoric scene.

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