How To Draw A Neymar Easy Step Sy Step

How To Draw A Neymar with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How To Draw A Neymar Easy Step Sy Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1:

The face is not completely round. Therefore, create an initial sketch with an oval shape, only the bottom you make smaller than the top. To simplify this step, use a dividing line to map parts of the face. The first thing you do is draw the centerline of the oval you created. For the third stage, make 2 lines below it as a line to define the nose and mouth. Once you’ve drawn the nose and mouth, give the top right and top left circles to make his eyes.

Step 2 :

After the top two circles, draw the eyebrows on the eyelids above the eye circles. Make sure that the size of your eyes is larger, or you can use complementary images. If you feel the two eyes are about the same size, then it’s time to shape the eyeballs. Once the eyeball is created, it’s time to add one more round of the circle. This circle is used as an eyelid. Make sure there’s a line between the nose and the eye sockets, then add black shadows to make the photo look more alive.

Step 3 :

Then we make the earlobes. Make sure that the ears are also parallel to the nose. The image came to life, then we added the hat at the top upside down to the back. With a little hair out of the hat on the sideline.

Step 4 :

Create a curved object over the beard with a pencil, Fill each object with gray.

Step 5:

When to make the neck, don’t make the neck too small, because the latter makes the top look very ugly. To create a perfect neck, you must balance the meeting point on the cheeks. Well, the picture looks more like life. Then it’s time to solidify the shape of the image. But the former give a shadow on the lips, nose and eyes.

Step 6:

For clothes, you can also add the clothes you want. If all is done, delete the help line we created earlier in the image so that the photo doesn’t look like it’s still being updated. For coloring, you can use any color you want.

Step 7:

In this tutorial on how to draw a human face, I also recommend trying again to sharpen your skills. I also recommend using a reference for a more mature feel or sense of face shape. So later you can simply draw a face without reference but the result is still good and looks like the real thing.

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